Petroleum Chemistry and refining Master’s degree Students have already finished field practical training to gain primary professional skills at School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering SibFU, Department of Chemistry and Technology of Natural Energy Carriers and Carbon Materials.

The overall goal of the practical training is to get the field experience, to deepen with experimental apparatus and the scientific methods of data analysis within the petroleum industry. Furthermore, the course helps students to participate in practical lab work and apply knowledge and skill in practice.

Among those visited were:

         Centre for Equipment joint use of Siberian Federal University:

–       The Sample Preparation Laboratory;

–       Laboratory of Atomic Absorption Analysis Method;

–       Laboratory of Atomic and Emission Analysis Method.

         The center is of world-class standards and was established with the objective of enhancing research work at the industrial, commercial and academic level.

It has a state-of-the-art laboratory equipment for research in subject areas such as Pharmacy, Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, Petroleum and Chemistry

Students focused on FT-IR Spectroscopy to perform analysis of aliphatic and aromatic base petroleum products.