• 1995. In the Krasnoyarsk State Technical University (KSTU) was developed and approved by the State Committee of the Russian Federation on Higher Education and the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of the Russian Federation standard on specialty «Service and maintenance of transport and technological machines and equipment oil product and fuel supply».
  • 1996. On the basis of the Chair «Fuel supply and fuels and lubricants» of KSTU speciality and the Chair «Machinery and equipment of oil and gas fields» was opened.

  • 1999. The Faculty of oil and gas was organized in KSTU, as well as a fully equipped, certified and accredited laboratory of analysis of oil, oil products, gases and oils.
  • 2002. The basic Department «Fire and Industrial Safety» at the Siberian branch of the Federal State Institution «Scientific research Institute for Fire Protection Emergency Situations Ministry» was created.
  • 2006. The resolution of the government of the Russian Federation about the merger of KSTU with the Krasnoyarsk State University (KSU), the State University of non-ferrous metals and gold and the Krasnoyarsk State Architectural and Construction Academy in structure of the Siberian Federal University (SFU) was approved. Within SFU Institute of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (INGE) realizing a continuous multistage education system from various levels of training of specialists from the worker to the engineer was created.
  • 2009. By the solution of the scientific Council of the Siberian Federal University on the basis of Institute of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering and «Achinsk Refinery of VNK» the first basic chair «Chemistry and technology of natural energy carriers and carbon materials» was opened.
  • 2010. Study and laboratory building of Institute of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, equipped with the modern educational and research equipment was opened.

Institute of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering created as part of SFU, effectively implements the modules of the competencies of graduates and modernization of educational standards in areas of training of bachelors, specialists and masters demanded in oil companies, as well as develops and supports the implementation of modular elective courses and electives student learning, providing personnel resources of scientific research and innovative development of the enterprises of fuel-energy complex.

An effective system of engineering personnel training for the oil industry is based on the balance ofi nterests of education, science and business, which can successfully solve current and future problems of the educational process, as well as quickly change its content, methods and organizational forms in accordance with production needs and situation on the labour market.

Graduates of the Institute of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering possess skills of management, engineering and op erational and research activity.