From 2d to 13th of July, 2018, 1st year master students, who study the program “Petroleum Chemistry and Refining” (the Department “Chemistry and Technology of Natural Energy Carriers and Carbon Materials”, School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Siberian Federal University), successfully undertook an internship at Achinsk refinery.
Firstly, the students we briefed about possible hazards on site, general safety rules and what to do in case of emergency. Apart from that they were introduced to the refinery structure. Indeed Achinsk refinery is one of the biggest oil refineries in Russia. Master students took part into various activities within the refinery such as:

1. Primary oil refining units visit;
2. Isomerization, Reforming, Hydrotreatment of gasoline, diesel and jet fuels units visit;
3. Bitumen production unit visit;
4. The laboratory of quality control of refinery’s commercial products: diesel fuel, LPG, gasoline, mazut (black oil), bitumen;
5. LPG tank farm and oil products transportation plants;
6. Hydrogen sulphide gas processing unit (sulfur production).

Our students would like to express sincere appreciation to Achinsk employees for sharing expertise and assistance. Many thanks to refinery management and head of the Master’s program Fedor Buryukin for support and guidance during internship.