Professor Serge Lecler (IFP Training) gave a seminar for undergraduate and postgraduate students of the School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering SibFU. The seminar was held from 3 to 6 October and was focusing on “Heavy Cuts”.

In fact, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by Jean-Luc Karnik Chief Executive Officer-IFP Training (IFP Group), acting rector Evgeny Vaganov and the head of the School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (SPG) Fedor Buryukin – SibFU this April. Hence there is an active cooperation between SPG SibFU and IFP Training.

In Krasnoyarsk, the French professor was involved not only in teaching. He also admired the city, and had business meetings. One of them was held with the director of the SPG, Fedor Buryukin. They discussed prospects of further cooperation. The professor also visited SPG’s laboratories. It should be noted that Serge Leclerc’s visit was supported by 5-100 Russian Academic Excellence Project.

Serge Lecler: “I am very happy that I was lucky enough to lecture in SibFU. It’s modern, well equipped and rapidly developing University. People here are very hospitable and kind. In my opinion, Russia is making huge steps forward and by the way I have been to Moscow, Omsk and Ufa before. People there are very affable and more students from Russia apply for European Universities. I am very glad for this and hope this visit to SibFU is not the last for me.”