Masters Students of the programme «Petroleum Chemistry and refining» have already finished hands-on practical training course at the School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering SibFU, Department of Chemistry and Technology of Natural Energy Carries and Carbon Materials.

The extensive purpose of this course is to enable Masters Students get familiarized with experimental apparatus and the scientific methods of data analysis within the ever-growing petroleum industry. Furthermore, the course helps to provide experimental foundation for the daily lecture room theoretical lessons.

The entire work involved visiting of several expensive laboratories to perform practical’s. Among those visited were:

  1.        Centre for Equipment joint use of Siberian Federal University:

–       The Sample Preparation Laboratory;

–       Laboratory of Atomic Absorption Analysis Method;

–       Laboratory of Atomic and Emission Analysis Method.

  1.        School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering laboratories

–       Petroleum Products Testing Laboratories.

Owing to this laboratory training courses, experiments such as Atmospheric Distillation, Vacuum Distillation and Transmission Spectrum Analysis can easily be organized and performed by students. Thus, the Management of SPG SibFU takes this opportunity of thanking prof. Andrey P. Kuzmin and all the «Centre for Equipment joint use» staff for the assistance.