School of Petroleum and Natural gas Engineering SibFU was stepping up their efforts to increase international cooperation. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by Jean-Luc Karnik Chief Executive Officer-IFP Training (IFP Group), acting rector Evgeny Vaganov and the head of the School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (SPG) Fedor Buryukin – SibFU this spring.

As can be expected, graduate students and lecturers exchange, scientific collaboration, joint Master’s degree programs were the most importand types of cooperation underlined in the MOU.

Consequently, SPG employees Nina Deryagina and Alexander Tretyakov were the first who did the internship in the IFP Training. During the visit special attention was paid to the components of master’s degree programs there. The internship was supported by 5-100 Russian Academic Exellence Project.

In fact, IFP Group is the largest personnel, technologies and equipment supplier for extractive, processing and research enterprises around the world. There are a lot of well-known customers such as IFP, TOTAL (France), IMP (Mexico), Syncrude (Canada), KISR (Kuwait), PETROBRAS Cenpes, NUT (Singapore), Haldor-Topsoe (Denmark), DOW (Holland), Mitec (Germany), MOL (Hungary), EniChem, Enitecnologie (Italy), Repsol (Spain and Argentina), Venoco (Venezuela), Aramco (Saudi Arabia), PRC (Libya), PTT (Thailand), Hyundaï, Ssangyong (Korea), IOCL, BPCL (India) and etc.