Most of the people at different stages of their lives are followed by one question: What to do next?

Usually there are two ways after graduating from our Master’s program: working in the industry or doing postgraduate study. However, what if we say, that there is another alternative? Let us give you an example.

More than two years ago Hedi Ben Ahmed came from Tunisia to take his Master Diploma in Petroleum Chemistry and Refining in Siberian Federal University. After a successful graduation with a Diploma with Honors, Hedi could continue working on the same research topic extending it to a research project. His project is dedicated to the design of new additives inhibiting the thermo- and oxidative degradation of water-soluble polymers. So now the stuff of School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering has an addition – a new dedicated professor and researcher has joint our ranks with readiness to share his knowledge and experience with the students and help them to adapt to a new country. As for the future opportunities – Hedi is going to apply for postgraduate study in our school at the program “Petroleum Chemistry”.

Thus, there is a third way – become employed as a researcher in Siberian Federal University, being able to make a breakthrough in science and the industry.

If you are interested in applying for our PHD program in petroleum chemistry, don’t hesitate to find out more at the link.